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A 3 hours full immersion, where calendar never repeats, to live a 360 food experience. Every single second is fundamental and develops whoever experiment it, because a kitchen lesson is an experience made of people who live and share time in a familiar setting, preparing and tasting new types of food, using each of the five senses.

During our COOKIN'EXPRIENCES everyone is operative and learns to handle the raw material (there are no turns or pre-chosen people, everyone can work and cook). During the cookin’ experiences there is no competition (different from educational systems where you look and repeat).



When the basis of recipes are prepared, the group proceed with the degustation of the dish, one course at a time (to eliminate boring waitings). Only the chef can conclude the dish to guarantee the desired results in terms of balance of flavours, cooking and dish presentation.

The group will be mentored by chef Claudia Fraschini and other professionals from the field who will give instructions and guidelines in English, as your request, in order to achieve the best results in preparing the various dishes.

All participants will receive handouts written in English with all recipes prepared by the Cookin’Experience in addition to a professional apron with the Cookin’ Factory logo.



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